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BTW offers private lessons with our professional instructors in Voice, Acting, and Dance. Click here to sign up for a free trial lesson.

Benefits of Children's Vocal Lessons

From a young age, most children love to sing. Oftentimes, this is their first go at creative expression. Our vocal lessons not only prepare children for musical theater, but the skills they learn will help in their everyday lives!

Positive Self-Improvement

Singing is a great way to not only build up self-expression, but it can be used as a tool for children to self-soothe when they are sad, grumpy, mad or bored. This creates a self-induced way to refocus and redirect their energy and emotions until they're ready to talk. Also, singing helps to release endorphins in the brain to activate a positive, uplifting feeling, and because the breathing is better controlled, allows for more oxygen to the brain. 

Establishes Good Listening Skills

With the great vocal teachers at BTW, your child will learn how to listen at a whole new level. Between actively listening to their voice coach and the song they're performing, and not only focusing on their voice but those other voices around them, especially in a musical theater environment, children will cultivate better concentration and memory skills. This helps them not only on stage, but outside the theater, and they're able to build stronger relationships with their family and peers, while learning more about the power of positive listening. 

Creates A Positive Vocal Experience

Whether it's a nursery rhyme or their favorite song on the radio or streaming service, they may find great fun to belt it out at the top of their lungs. But many parents may have concerns about the possible long-term damage caused by screaming and yelling music. A good voice teacher for kids will teach them how to do it properly, from breathing and building stamina, proper warm ups and cool downs, and even the importance of tongue placement and gradual expansion of their skill set. 

Builds Confidence And Creativity

Few things bring a smile as big as a well-done performance! Our voice teachers know how to encourage creativity in your young singers with age-appropriate exercises, games and performances and build confidence not only in their growing skill set but themselves. Our singing lessons teach them how to make their musical performance their own. From stage fright to stage right, your child's growth creates a strong baseline to build on as they continue through school and interact with their peers and family.  This amazing combination of skills helps your child find success in every avenue they pursue. 

What Skills Can Lessons Cover?

Stage Presence

Healthy Posture, Breath Control And Singing Technique

Music Theory And The Ability To Read Music

Audition And Performance Preparation

Virtual Voice Lessons Available

Here at BTW, we understand that during this difficult time, not everyone is ready to do in-person lessons. Our voice teachers continue to provide private lessons online through virtual learning. While current students should email or text their teachers, new students can contact us to set up their own private lessons. 

Lesson Options

We have two options for lessons:

Ongoing Study

Are you looking to develop budding acting skills? Maybe reinforce and further existing skills? Then ongoing study is your best option to build your repertoire of ability and hone your skill set. 

Specific Need

Maybe you have an impending audition that could use preparation help?  Specific, short-term needs can also be accommodated in our program. 

Not sure what to choose? Talk to our acting coaches today about the best options for your child's acting lessons. 

Our Voice Instructors

Cathryn Basile

In Person/Virtual

Richard Todd Adams

In Person/Virtual

Christy Tarr-McVey


Jennifer Malenke


Our Acting Instructors

Chris Marzulla

In Person/Virtual

Emily Hernandez

In Person/Virtual

Victoria Alev Duffy


Our Dance Instructors

Janel Sipala

In Person

Our Teachers

Our voice teachers all have professional musical experience, on and off Broadway, which gives them a unique insight into the best ways to develop your child's voice to meet your goals and expectations. 

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