Jen Malenke

(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Into the Woods, The Voice, High SchoolMusical: Get In the Picture, The Power of Music)

Vocal Lessons Beacon, NY • Montvale, NJ • Virtual

Jennifer Malenke most recently was in the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” First National Tour, and was also in “Into the Woods” on Broadway. She is a proud member of the Broadway Inspirational Voices, and she is the Owner of Broadway Babysitters. Jen has done theatre, concerts, and gigs all over the country, has worked with some of Broadway and TV’s biggest names. She was a session singer on many films and TV shows in Los Angeles, and she has appeared on “The Voice,” “High School Musical: Get In the Picture,” and “The Power of Music” with Josh Groban, now available on YouTube. 

Jen has been teaching voice for 15 years, she worked at the Macy Gray Academy of Music in LA, at the Studio New Canaan, and in her own private studio. Jen mixes imagery with technique to balance out the voice, get out of our own way and let our voices out. She teaches theory and sight reading, but words it in a way that kids can understand, and in an order that makes sense to their level. She loves figuring out new ways to speak to people and get them to understand music in their own way. She also loves interpreting songs, and coaches kids to learn to interpret on their own. She rejoices every time someone has a breakthrough, so watch out! She loves music, and makes it fun for everyone. 🙂


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