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Chris Marzulla

Acting Lessons
In Person • Virtual
Chris, an SJR alum and former BTW camper, went on to graduate summa cum laude from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and a Public Communications minor in the Spring of 2022. During his time at Syracuse, Chris was able to learn and connect with numerous industry professionals both on campus and in NYC through the Tepper Program.

Emily K. Hernandez

Acting Lessons
In Person • Virtual
Emily K. Hernandez (she/they) has always been a headstrong performer, wanting to tell impactful stories through their work. After graduating IHA in 2018, she went to Syracuse University for a B.F.A. in Acting which she received last Spring. Through Syracuse, Emily has had the opportunity to study and meet with industry professionals in NYC while enrolled in the Tepper Program, and in LA through the Aaron Sorkin Los Angeles Symposium.

Victoria Alev Duffy

Acting Lessons
Victoria Alev Duffy (she/her) is a New Jersey native who spent her youth studying at NJPAC and the Paper Mill Playhouse. Now, she is a Graduate Fellow at Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Playhouse’s MFA Acting program (ranked top 10 program in the nation). She is one of eight selected out of over 1,100 auditioners for the program.

Benefits of Children's Acting Lessons

While so much focus is placed on sports in the education system, it can be difficult to find activities for your creatively-inclined child. And our acting classes for children can do more than launch a career.

Builds Confidence

It takes a lot of courage to stand up onstage or even in front of peers, but our amazing acting coaches know how to draw students out of their shells with games, exercises and performances. And this confidence can also help with non-verbal communication, giving your child different tools to communicate their needs on stage. This translates out of the theater, too, as confident kids will take these skills to school and into their everyday life. 

Builds Friendships

Making friends is tough! Especially if your child already feels like they don't fit in, or they've gone to school with the same kids their whole lives! Acting lessons not only give them a whole new pool of potential friends with an established common interest, but the hard work and bonding they will do to perform a play can create friendships that grow beyond their classes.

Teaches Life Skills

From responsibility to learn their lines, to the discipline needed to show up to rehearsal every day, and even the skills to learn effective problem solving techniques, your child will not only be able to translate those skills to school and everyday life, but expand upon them to be able to think quickly on their feet, better assess decisions and choices, and tackle the hardships life throws at them from childhood and beyond. 

Promotes Creativity

Everyone thinks that children automatically know how to be creative, and while that may be true to an extent, building that skill requires practice. Acting teachers know how to motivate their students to develop characters into a realistic performance, and the ability of each child's unique creative take on characters and scenes can increase their creativity immensely.   And when you combine all these skills, you are setting your child up for success, no matter what path they choose. 

What Skills Can Lessons Cover?

Stage Presence

Public Speaking Skills

Monologue Development

Scene Studies

Audition Preparation


Stage Combat

And so much more! With BTW, we will work with you to assess your child and determine their goals. 

Lesson Options

We have two options for lessons:

Ongoing Study

Are you looking to develop budding acting skills? Maybe reinforce and further existing skills? Then ongoing study is your best option to build your repertoire of ability and hone your skill set. 

Specific Need

Maybe you have an impending audition that could use preparation help?  Specific, short-term needs can also be accommodated in our program.  

Not sure what to choose? Talk to our acting coaches today about the best options for your child's acting lessons. 

Our Teachers

At  BTW, all of our acting coaches are theater professionals with years of knowledge and show experience from Broadway, regional theater and more. They are happy to cultivate your child's talent in our private acting classes. 


Chris Marzulla

In Person

Emily K. Hernandez

In Person

Victoria Alev Duffy

Roster of Acting Coaches will be announced shortly

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